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about us.


We are an artistic collective of three creative minds and we express our art through original and contemporary tattooing, urban art and installations, and wood sculpture and assembly.

We believe that our art has a transformative power within those who feel, live or experience it. Through our pieces, we always seek to value the history of those who come to us, Portuguese material heritage, regional traditions and impactful meanings.

We take great care with the materials we use and therefore, we proudly go hand in hand with sustainability - whether in 100% vegan tattoos or in the materials chosen for our pieces, sculptures and installations!


estudio onze tatuagem tattoo vegan arte autoral contemporaneo seguro

tattoo studio

We are proud to work with 100% vegan materials, with a great ecological conscience, in line with European standards (EU REACH approved). 

We offer a completely safe space, free from judgment or discomfort.

We create 100% exclusive, original and contemporary projects.

We immortalize moments, experiences and feelings on our skin. We tell stories and make art. 

estudio onze tattoo vegan tatuagem arte urbana escultura fineline sketch


estudio onze tattoo vegan tatuagem arte urbana escultura
estudio onze tattoo vegan tatuagem arte urbana escultura assemblagem


Our workshop produces assemblies, sculptures and various pieces.

We work with old wood, tiles, bolts and shutters. We always look for organic and reusable materials.

Through sculptures and assemblages, we make sure that the old shutters are not
rubbish, that Portugality remains, and that the Portuguese cultural heritage gains new eras, gains new life.

our team.

Estudio Onze. Tatuagem autoral. tatuador Miguel Martins Escultura Assemblagem

Miguel Martins

Multidisciplinary artist, sculptor and tattoo artist.

Estudio Onze. Tatuagem autoral. Mentoria. Gestão redes sociais

Ana Goulão

Project manager. It deals with artists' agency, social media and everything else. 

Estudio Onze. Tatuagem autoral. Tatuador. Sketch. Aguarela.

Edgar Pacheco

Multidisciplinary artist, tattoo artist and illustrator. 

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