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social media. mentoring. assistance.

by Ana Goulão

Digital presence nowadays is essential to create authority in the market, generate trust among potential customers and an indispensable window to the world.

Marketing applied to the artistic and cultural environment must be structured with greater sensitivity, always respecting the message that the artist wants to convey. It cannot be based solely and exclusively on “leads” and sales.

Creating sincere, genuine and authentic content can be a challenge these days. The bar for social media is high, and the lack of tools or time to perform these functions can unfocus you from your purpose: creating.


That's why I decided to share my knowledge and tools.

I provide assistance and monitoring of your artistic activities (operational aspect); I manage your social networks organically, with genuine and differentiating content (creative aspect); I help you on your artistic journey.

Social media management

Content creation

Organic social media management (Facebook and Instagram):


content production and publication scheduling.


Monthly and other packages available

mentoria 1:1

One-to-one mentoring can be the combination of all the services I provide;


The best package for you will be designed based on your specific needs.

Project assistance

Assistance and operational monitoring of specific activities within the cultural, artistic and creative industry;

Support for planning, management, execution and implementation of projects in the cultural and artistic sector, exhibitions, among others.

I needed a re-direction.
I want my work to have an artistic, desired bias.
You're the person I want for this. 

why me

I believe that an artist has the right to create his/her art in its greatest splendor. With time and space for the creation.

I love the artistic and cultural environment and I am passionate about what I do within this project. I have been carrying out my management, assistance, content creation, management of our digital channels (among many other things) functions for over eight years.

Contributing to the success and careers of artists, artisans or creative projects moves me, makes me learn more, to always give more.

Sharing, empowering and adding are watchwords in my mentoring. 

estúdio onze tatuagem vegan arte urbana escultura mentoria gestão de redes sociais assistência

why you

Who is my target audience?

Artists; artisans; Creatives; Alternative projects; Small-scale museums; All those who want to show the digital community their art, craft and what they produce, with a special touch.

estudio onze tattoo vegan tatuagem arte urbana escultura fineline sketch mural pinutra

Do we build your brand too?

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