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FAQ. Tattoo

What is the procedure to start creating something and/or tattooing?


We work with personal, different and original concepts, developed in close and personalized work by our resident artists.

The first step is always to get in touch with us with some references, elements, ideas.

We meet and think together about them and the various possibilities in our first meeting – which can be online or in person.

Right now, we make a quote, and if accepted, we begin the creative and exclusive process, ready to work to offer you something unique and made with you in mind. 

You will find all the information to contact ushere.


What care should I take with my new tattoo?

This is an easy process, but it requires dedication and attention over the next 15 days.


On the day itself:

- When you get home, remove the film covering the tattoo, wash with warm water and glycerin soap.

- Dry with one/two sheets of kitchen roll.

- Immediately afterwards, begin applying the cream for this purpose. (by the way: we established a beautiful partnership with a local project, and we have our Healing Kit available in the Studio – it respects the planet, circular and local commerce and is 100% vegan, of course!)

- Before going to sleep, repeat the process mentioned above, and cover with film (only for sleeping on the first and second day).


In the following days:

- Wash the tattoo with warm water and glycerin soap, twice a day.

- Apply the cream whenever necessary, always repeating before the skin dries completely.

- Make sure your hands are clean before touching the tattoo.


Extra care:

- Avoid shampoo, shower gel and other products in direct contact with the tattooed area.

- Avoid direct sun exposure or solarium.

- Avoid tight or synthetic clothing that affects the tattooed area of the body.

- Avoid swimming pools, beaches (sea and sand).

- Scratching or pulling small scabs and dry skin.


Don't be scared:

- If it itches.

- If it remains red in the first few days (each body has its own way of dealing with the healing process).

- If you create small pimples.


After a month:

- Contact us so we can evaluate the tattoo.

- If necessary, the first touch-up is done free of charge the following month.

- If touch-up is necessary due to lack of care during healing, the minimum session fee will be charged.



- Before sunbathing: moisturize your tattoo well! Whether on vacation, at a festival or at a barbecue, sunscreen for tattoos is important because UV rays are the main cause of aging tattoos.

If you have any questions, contact us directly. We are here to help.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

All projects are budgeted individually. The size, details and location always differ between projects, which is why we estimate an average value of €150 per hour. Our minimum price is €120. We always include the concept/design created exclusively for you, original and unrepeatable. Our material is 100% vegan, with all products aligned with European guidelines (EU REACH approved).


Is an appointment necessary?
Yes, all tattoos are subject to a meeting and prior appointment. This way we guarantee that we will be able to listen to you, design for you and create something original.

Can I take my drawing to be tattooed?

No. We work with a logic of creating authorial and contemporary projects, designed and created by our artists. You can bring drawings, elements, illustrations to the first meeting, and we will see them as a basis for work, but the visual identity is created here, for you. 


Is there a minimum age?

Yes. 18 years old.


Is a deposit required to schedule?

Yes. We always ask for around 25% of the total budget in advance, so we can create something from scratch for you, with guarantees that we will see you on the day of the appointment. This deposit is non-refundable.


Can I use numbing creams?

Yes you can. But you should always consult the artist first. Some numbing creams can affect the way the ink sticks to the skin and are not always necessary.


Where is your Studio?

Our studio is in Faro, in the sunny south of Portugal. It's a discreet place to guarantee a lot of privacy and a special experience, and that's why you really have to search for our name.herethe exact location.  

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