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FAQ. Art and more.

What are the skills that your gallery and workshop have available?

We work with urban art, multidisciplinary artistic installations, sculptures and assemblage.


Do you accept orders or create exclusively?

We are always available to gather and build ideas together. Whatever the area, as long as it is based on our artistic and visual identity, we are always willing to create commissioned/made-to-order pieces. Please feel free tocontact us directly. 


Do you install and/or ship across the country/internationally?

Yes. We are happy to explore the map of Portugal and beyond its borders in the name of our art. Shipments of parts by land or air to the continent, islands and Europe are quoted upon prior consultation.

How are pieces that do not require artistic intervention on site packaged? Such as assemblies, paintings or smaller pieces.

The pieces are packaged and shipped according to the needs and specifications of each one by a specialized company.


What care should I take with a purchased piece?

The parts are accompanied by a technical maintenance sheet, applied to the corresponding materials. In this document, we explain the preservation conditions, cleaning and maintenance procedures, and how you can deactivate or protect against the elements.


Do the pieces include a certificate of authenticity?

All sculptures and assemblies come with a certificate that guarantees their authenticity and copyright.

For mixed installations and urban art, upon prior consultation.


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